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Let the tōkōsei know about your BL fantasy preferences, like who you want to be the The setting we chose for the characters this time is a sophomore student president who's dating a freshman.

When the latter sees the former being friendly with another boy during lunch break, he gets jealous and they fight about it.

The eye-popping impromptu live shows given by the zaikōsei have blown the minds and slayed the hearts of many a BL fan.

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" to a zaikōsei and you'll be on your way in no time at all.As for food, the "Hoshigariya na Kimi no Fuwatoro Omuraisu (900 yen, tax excluded)" is an omelet rice dish that's very popular.This is a familiar food item also found in maid cafes, except here in this shop, instead of cute girls, male zaikōsei students will be the ones doodling something specially for you on the omelet rice!Since minors are not allowed to drink alcohol, however, alcoholic beverages are called "Magic Water" on the menu for easy identification.

Otome Road 3 Must-Visit Cafes in Ikebukuro With Sexy Guys and BL Fan Service. Date published 29 November 2019. Otome Road 3 Must-Visit Cafes in.… continue reading »

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