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24-May-2020 00:17

Then I realized that it wasn't a squirrel; it was a brown paper bag.” ― tags: 10, 1000, 10000, 1000000, anger, angry, away, encourage, finger, finger-pointing, food-for-thought, hand-shake, hatred, heal, israelmore-ayivor, kill, laugh, millions, people, smile, ten, ten-thousand, thousand, turn “He wasn't normally conscious of it, but there was one part of his body that was extremely sensitive, somewhere along his back. Then I will start with your legs finger by finger with axe... If all the fingers were long and straight, it would be impossible for us to hold or catch anything easily!

This soft, subtle spot he couldn't reach was usually covered by something, so that it was invisible to the naked eye. If there were no thumb, then human civilisation would lag way behind!

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What he did recall was the special feeling on his back, and the indefinably thrilling sensation it brought to his mind and body. If there was no thumb, then human civilisation would lag way behind! Out of the depths came his last wail precious, and he was gone.” ― “Why is it that one can look at a lion or a planet or an owl or at someone's finger as long as one pleases, but looking into the eyes of another person is, if prolonged past a second, a perilous affair? " And with that, even as his eyes were lifted up to gloat on his prize, he stepped too far, toppled, wavered for a moment on the brink, and then with a shriek he fell.Like many other depressed teenage girls, I cut myself fairly routinely, a practice concentrated largely before I left home that lingered on sporadically into my early adulthood — until about the time that I began with my hands.

Cute couple Sketch Inspiration, Finger Drawings, Finger Fun, Finger Plays, Hugs. to make new friends, so here are five tips for creating new adult friendships.… continue reading »

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Since chickens don't have fingers, they're obviously not made from chicken fingers. Ask an adult friend or family member to take you on a field trip to a local.… continue reading »

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Skeleton Hand with Middle Finger Flexfit Adult Cool & Dry Piqué Mesh Cap Hat-92% polyester, 8% spandex piqué weave6-panel, structured. Email a friend.… continue reading »

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Most adult dyslexics will exhibit at least 10 of the following traits and behaviors. Hides difficulties from co-workers, friends and even family. Becomes frustrated at “planning. Relies on calculators or finger counting. May have difficulty with.… continue reading »

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The middle finger emoji represents the physical act of raising one's middle. I know I'm an adult and a professional but it sure is hard somedays on this website not to. by drivers expressing road rage, or among friends in a playful manner.… continue reading »

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