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23-Feb-2020 20:31

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People tell me how strong of a person I am and that they love that about me.

I have made some really strong friendships, and I am so grateful for that.”ST has had a different experience. It truly is a loner’s existence.” He adds, “Most of the people I meet are either young parents or they’re looking to have a family; either scenario is an automatic disqualifier for me.”Do you find it difficult to date?

He says, “They’ve all been supportive, but it’s been difficult for them to deal with the shame and stigma.

My mom even needed to go to therapy to work through her anxiety and depression, and to understand that what I did was not her fault.

Please note: I have chosen to refer to the respondents only by their initials: DG, JL, and ST.

This was done to protect them and to encourage completely honest responses. Have you been rejected by anyone because you are a registered offender?

“For the most part, people have never come up to me directly and shamed me to my face.

The fact that I’ve not done anything illegal in 15 years does little to alleviate that shame.“In terms of connections and friendships, rejection has been the norm; without question, this is the most difficult part of living as a sex offender. Have you been rejected by anyone because you are a registered offender?Prior to my arrest, I had a thriving (albeit stressful) career, with hundreds of friends on both personal and business levels. Dating and romantic relationships can be hard for registered offenders. But I think my issues with this are more tied to my low self-esteem than anything else.“She’s never judged me through this whole situation, and she definitely doesn’t agree with me being on the registry.” JL says that her relationship with her father, however, has been strained.

“I feel like he thinks a lot about my kids and how they will be affected by this as they get older.

My brother has been the most nonjudgmental and available, and although we both have very different worldviews, I’ve appreciated his willingness to talk whenever I’ve reached out to him.” He notes that his ex-wife has been his strongest supporter.

The Court, citing research showing that public sex offender registries actually. based on the date of their offenses that the 20 amendments to.… continue reading »

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A sex offender doesn’t mean a threat to everyone. For example- a child predator may have a normal dating life/normal spousal relationship. Also a person can be on the list for things like dating a person a few years younger when they are relatively young. My childhood friend had a gf when we were 18. She said she was 17. She was only 13 and.… continue reading »

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Jun 07, 2013 And the offender is, indeed, the source of the damage to the family and friends. The registry is a good idea, in theory, but how many registered sex offenders have moved into a particular area with OTHER sex offenders living nearby? How many of these registered people move into an area and residents are never alerted? ugh.… continue reading »

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How It Feels to Love and Hate a Sex Offender Abusers’ families are secondary victims, left to reconcile their conflicting emotions. Maureen Farrell Garcia, guest writer.… continue reading »

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