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19-Sep-2020 17:23

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According to a recent survey conducted on bedroom sounds and noises, 76% of men and 74% of women said dirty talk was at the top of their list. Online dating agency, Saucy Dates, has revealed what men and women prefer to hear between the sheets.We talked about how we would take turns kissing and teasing her, and make her watch while I sucked his c**k.I’ve found most guys like silence, or porn phrases such as, ‘Oh yeah, that’s good’.I like to talk too and will often tell men that if I don’t feel anything the day after, they’re doing something wrong.I’m an actor and can do a number of different accents.There was one guy who told me to put my knickers in my mouth and suck on them.

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His most regular request was that I call him daddy, which I was fine with. I was in a dominant role then, and the meaner I was to him, the bigger his hard-on got.

I’ve had men beg me to squirt and, if I do, they often think they’ve done the job.

In reality, it’s the female who puts in all the effort.

I’ve even asked a girl to say another guy’s name once, while I f***ed her.

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Threesomes are also great, either with a partner or strangers.Years ago, I slept with a girl I knew from my local pub.We were pretty drunk and silly, and she asked me to recite lines from plays I’d been in.Personally I like to stick to the classics, as I’ve found you can never go wrong with a simple ‘f*** me’.

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