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10-Aug-2020 17:35

” Wait to see if you get a response, then tell the other guy what you’re looking for. Then, you’ll notice in people’s profiles (even gay sex apps have short profiles) whether or not they “can accom” or “can’t accom.” Offer to accommodate if you can, or want to or accept another’s offer if they say.“Do you fancy meeting to play,” or something simple like “I’m free now, and horny, shall we meet? We’d recommend meeting in public first, no matter the time of day or night, as regardless of instant connection you are still meeting a stranger and probably heading to a private place. Forget everything we’ve said and get ready to rethink the lot, because guys after dates are a very different breed.But, say you want a good chat rather than a good something rather more explicit, is there a way to phrase things to, shall we say, optimise the output?Dating online is an arduous enough process as it is, we wouldn’t want you having to waste anymore time online than is absolutely necessary before you score what you’re after. The most wonderful, freeing benefit of modern online dating is the ease by which strangers can find one another to have sex, if sex only is what you’re looking for.Here are our tips to help you navigate the online dating space with the efficiency of a confident bloke in a bar who leaves with three guys’ numbers. Apps like Grindr, Hornet and Scruff have all been primarily designed to suit guys looking for sex.In the case of these apps it’s all about simple, functional conversations that are also polite.Pay attention, ask interesting questions and treat your chat as if it were a really engaged chat with a friend – but don’t let it whittle on too long.Today’s queer apps are chronically over-saturated with users, and the shallow nature of them (ultimately, you’re judging someone on a couple of pictures and a sentence) means that every few hours there’ll be another guy around the corner for a fresh conversation. Ask your guy out on a date within 24 hours, so you don’t lose him to a new swipe – attention spans are low, so this detail matters.

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If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then Parship is the right dating site for you.Plus, asking a guy out is totally confident, and shows you’re truly after a meet, rather than just indulging your need for male attention with another online chat.Politely suggest a date, time and location and we reckon you’ll be off on your date sharpish – with the amount of guys that are too afraid, or too lazy, to pursue good online conversations or ask people out on dates, you’ll be onto a winner.For one, it’s less about who’s nearby, and more about who you think you’ll match with emotionally and physically.

Being gay and dating has always been a complicated act. Growing. The stereotypical hookup of meeting minutes before meaningless sex is a Grindr classic.… continue reading »

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Jul 18, 2019. Best for slightly older bi, gay and trans men. This is a free dating app but you can upgrade to SCRUFF Pro for more features. Upgrade to HER Premium to filter users by sexuality, see who is currently online and more.… continue reading »

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Oct 30, 2019. Getting real about Grindr. flash sale Get 3 months of membership for $49.95 at Check out Davey's gay erotic.… continue reading »

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Clover is a fast free dating app which prides itself in taking the simplicity of. is the world's largest gay social network, a.k.a. the dating app for gay casual sex.… continue reading »

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