Free social websites for adults

05-Oct-2020 19:32

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Some will be familiar to you, others might sound foreign to you.

It might be worth reading more about the social media sites that might be great for your brand but that you have not explored.

(When I was in Bangkok to buy a new suit, I communicated with the tailor via Whats App.) Whats App has been building out its business platform to allow businesses to have a proper business profile, to provide customer support, and to share updates with customers about their purchases.

For small businesses, it has built the Whats App Business app while for medium and large businesses, there’s the Whats App Business API.

How many social media sites can you manage at once?

It seems that while QQ, a desktop-native platform, used to be the top social media platform in China, We Chat, a messaging app from the same parent company, has taken over its place.

Of course, it isn’t only about the size of the social media sites.

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