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22-Jul-2020 03:14

We can debate or disagree as to if that is wise or fair to omit that, but that is different than arguing that you are entitled to that information.You might argue that a physical disability or a person being trans are major factors for some people in terms of who they’ll date.You might even argue that they are major factors for MOST people. My point is: there are loads of factors that someone might consider “major” when it comes to date-ability.And yet, why should we allow filters for one thing and not another? What is a dealbreaker for you might not be a dealbreaker for someone else.Personally, I would encourage trans people to be up front simply for their own safety, but I don’t see why they should have to wear that info like a banner any more than someone in a wheelchair should have to put that front and center on their dating profile.

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It seems like it would hurt a lot of trans people’s ability to date and not really effect yours.Please note that a change of view doesn't necessarily mean a reversal, or that the conversation has ended.When they're open about it on their profile it's very easy, yes. Sometimes you can't tell though, and you waste time messaging back and forth only to find out they've got a trait that immediately disqualifies them as a partner. I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, Ok Cupid, whatever and I stumble across a "woman" only to realize that it's a man that has transitioned or (in most cases) is in the process of transitioning to become a woman.

I find it irritating when I'm using a dating site like Tinder, OkCupid, whatever and I stumble. So transgender men and women should have their own separate designations from men and women on dating sites. Feel free to message us.… continue reading »

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