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I started The Pilates Centre in 2003 when my first son Connor was 6 months old.

I expanded my business over time and at my peak was operating from 3 locations in Hawkes Bay.

Their colourful, Cuban-inspired tapas choices are a perfect complement to the all-round lively Cuban experience.

One of the best tapas restaurants in Manchester, and the perfect nod to gastro dining, El Gato Negro is the ultimate must-try in the city.

, a reality show in which contestants can’t see each other but ask (often saucy) date-related questions. Chuck doesn’t want to simply be a television personality; he wants to do something important.

Chuck becomes not only a successful TV producer, however, but also a much sought-after person by CIA hit men, who want him to work for them. And when the CIA approaches him for a mission, he feels that he’s getting to do exactly that.

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A big name on the Manchester tapas scene, and boasting a top roster of restaurants the UK over, Iberica is at the forefront of contemporary Spanish dining.Modified Ghost Festival II is the festival for you!2 days of nothing but heavy, loud and hardcore music.Get into the European spirit with jugs of sangria and bottles of Rioja, munch on patatas bravas and feast your way through spicy chorizo at these tapas bars in Manchester.

Serving up the ultimate Spanish dose, La Vina is one of the best tapas restaurants in Manchester thanks to their dedication to classic dishes and regional favourites.

Famous for doing standup when she was nearly 9 months pregnant, Ali Wong may joke about babies, but this is not a comedy show you bring kids to!

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Como já diziam Sandy&Junior “Eu quero mais que um, mais que mil e mil e um. Beijo é muito bom. É mais que mil, é mais que bom”. No dia do beijo, nada mais.… continue reading »

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Wondering if you'll enjoy a steamy night at SaucyDates? Read on to know the real score signing up, cost, safety, and special features.️… continue reading »

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