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16-Oct-2020 10:26

But the way dating app culture has commodified relationships new.From a consumer behaviour perspective, the easy availability of superficial sexual connection ‘depletes the value of the consumer item, which in this case is human relationship.’ Students are used to buying something, using it once, and throwing it away.So I assumed their interest in romantic commitment would probably reflect those influences.That is to say, I thought they wouldn’t be interested in commitment at all.

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They know that early marriage is a major indicator for divorce, and that divorce can be a real shit-show.She says social media makes it easy to believe everyone else is ‘more interesting, more attractive, more talented, wealthier.’ The fear then, is that any potential partner will have unlimited access to better ‘products.’ Committing to an honest relationship would mean letting someone discover that you’re not as loveable as your Instagram feed implies. Marta thinks most of her peers would rather maintain the status quo than risk having happiness and losing it.She says the status quo is lonely, but the trick is not to think about it.It would be hard to fold a partner into all of that, especially when the future is so uncertain.

Do they know something about love that the rest of us don't. Studies show that millennials are dating less, having less sex and marrying.… continue reading »

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That's according to a July 2019 survey helmed by the dating site Match that finds sex may be only one piece in the puzzle of romantic fulfillment.… continue reading »

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We all want to experience the power of love. We want a relationship that is the definition of passion and excitement.… continue reading »

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